At Rank we believe in the best. That's why when building custom driveshafts we only use the best parts. We carry Spicer products such as yokes, flanges, tube yokes, slip yokes, tube shafts, universal joints, CV’s, and the best tubing available to ensure that our customers get a quality product in the end. Spicer is an American Made product and we at Rank are an American made company. Every shaft is spun to high speeds and indicated perfectly to ensure the shaft if properly balanced. 

    We offer drive shafts in any variation, any size, any length, to meet any specification, we even offer nitrous ready driveshafts. We offer driveshafts in aluminum, steel, and chromoly. If your current shaft is too long or short for your application, we also offer driveshaft length modification. 

How To Measure Correctly

   We have designed the best measuring sheets in the industry. These drawings will guide you to measure your application correctly to ensure proper fit and performance each and every time. Please read the steps below. The downloadable diagrams for measuring are located at the bottom of the page


   To measure cars and trucks properly, place two safety stands under the differential housing tubes to support vehicle high enough to get under and be very precise. Measuring the overall length correctly is very important. 


Step #1

   View & pick the downloadable diagram below that looks like your application, print it out, and fill in all the answers and please be sure to measure exactly as it shows.  

Step #2 

   You will need a tape measure and a good 6" ruler. Remember always measure your vehicle with the rear tires on the ground OR the rear end on 2 safety stands. It is important to have the suspension in this position to measure correctly.  Do not measure with the suspension hanging!!!  If measuring 4x4 trucks, you must have both the front and rear tires on the ground or the axles supported on safety stands.

Step #3

   Each diagram will give you spaces to fill in and choices to circle for the different possibilities. Please remember we will need all the questions answered for the diagram you are using to quote a price or to build a driveshaft.

Step #4 

   Call (321)-727-1564 for measuring questions and to place your order!


Click on a file to download.

Diagram 1 (jpg)


Diagram 2 (jpg)