Machine Shop Services



Machining is an important part of any engine build, which is why we do all of our machining in house. While most engine builders outsource machine operations, we leave nothing to chance. Our facility is staffed with highly-trained technicians and we have all of the equipment necessary to build or rebuild engines from the ground up. This yields quicker turn-around time and better quality control.

Cylinder Head Machining


The cylinder head is the most commonly serviced core component of an engine. Due to the environment that the cylinder head operates in, it is paramount that it is checked for cracks, valve guide slop, valve seats, valves, deck surface for straightness, installed height, springs pressures and full inspection of all other components. Once inspected, we can begin machining the cylinder head back to spec for any given application.

Cylinder Head Porting


This department is where all the power is made, cylinder head port size, shape, and design is very crucial for each application. Our cylinder head porter graduated from "School of Automotive Machinists" at the top of his class. Providing the right cylinder head and intake manifold for your application is what we do best. Intake manifolds never come from the manufacturer ready to be bolted on, they all need to be port matched to each application or fully ported for max performance.

Block Machining


The block department starts with cleaning the block, magnafluxing and an inspection process before it begins machine work. After it passes the tests, then it's safe to start machining based on application. In order to ensure the longevity of the bottom-end, we start with the align hone, bore the block, then torque plate hone to size. After that, we mock up the rotating assembly to figure out piston height to square the block precisely. 

Crankshaft Balancing


Balancing is a very precise procedure, we start with each item from the rotating assembly and balance them within one gram of each other. Once the pistons and rods have been balanced, we then make a bob weight so we can balance the crankshaft. When balancing the crank, we either remove or add material depending on application. This results in a rotating assembly that will operate smoothly and provide long lasting bearing life. 

Custom Machining


We do a lot of custom machining, whether it's welding up and repairing a cylinder head, modifying intake manifolds, fabricating a custom pulley, spacer or brackets. We have every piece of equipment to handle any job that crosses our path.